Myrmek is the band project of Christian Müller (bass clarinet) and Loïc Grobéty (bass). They met by chance in the field of reductionist collective impro. But the breaks between the rehearsals led them to coffee and cookies, to talks about distortions, severe amplification, to listen together music of the Swans, Meshuggah, Steamboat Switzerland, Iannis Xenakis ...
The interest in massive sounds led them to a long musical research and after two years of work in the laboratory and in front of massive amps they present a distinct musical world, that mixes two schools together: On one side the dust of the road to the beer station of Metal, Rock & Doom, on the other side the art and sharp strictness of New Music.
In the drummer Grégoire Quartier they have found the ideal partner to create a heavy, deep sounding trio. He with huge, low drums and cymbals, they with their amps and bunch of distortions on both instruments. Together they are about to prepare and rehearse the strict, series-based compositions (also known as «monoliths») by Müller and the energetic, conceptual compositions by Grobéty.

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Soundexcerpts / Recordings of rehearsals

196 – Part I

196 – Part III

196 – Part IV a